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What is Bridge?

Bridge is an online platform of pei tel Communications. It offers an administration interface for convenient and centralized management of PTCarPhone 5 and PTCarPhone 6 systems via the Internet. Only a web-enabled device such as a tablet, a smartphone or a standard computer is required for access.

With the clearly designed interface, an individual PTCarPhone device or the PTCarPhone systems of an entire vehicle fleet can be equipped with a new phone book in seconds, the positions of the vehicles can be tracked or various hardware settings can be made remotely. All data transmitted and stored in the process is completely encrypted. Bridge thus offers an extremely high level of security.


To use Bridge, your PTCarPhone requires at least software version 5.02.30. In addition, we recommend using a SIM card with an inclusive data volume of 200 MB per month.



  • Basic functions completely free of charge - no monthly costs for access and use of the online platform
  • No installation of additional software or hardware necessary
  • Works with all common internet-capable devices (PC, tablet, smartphone)
  • Cloud Service - independent of the operating system or location of the device
  • API access - individual connection to existing software and / or systems possible


  • Phonebook AdministrationPhonebook Administration
  • SynchronizationSynchronization
  • Device ConfigurationDevice Configuration
  • Software UpdatesSoftware Updates
  • GPS Real-Time TrackingGPS Real-Time Tracking
  • Map DisplayMap Display
  • Device StatusDevice Status
  • Wireless TransmissionWireless Transmission
  • EncryptionEncryption

Features at a Glance




  • Convenient management of contacts and phone books
  • Assigning speed dialling / direct dialling entries
  • Launching of software updates
  • Changing settings remotely for...
    ... Operating modes (comfortable cost control)
    ... Delay-timer
    ... Virtual ignition etc.
  • Controlling and setting digital inputs and outputs


Future Functions and Extensions

We continuously develop Bridge further. The following features are already planned for future releases:

  • Management and administration of device groups
  • Create phone books for more efficient contact management
  • Display of driven routes
  • Geofencing with alarm functions
  • Sending messages to individual devices or groups



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